ST1000(CL65) with built-in GPS


clip_image002GPS is now in the digital camera, too. Because of built-in WiFi, a photo taken can be instantly uploaded to a website like Picasa, YouTube, Facebook and etc.. Because of built-in Bluetooth, you can send a photo to a laptop computer, cell phone, PMP and etc. with built-in Bluetooth. Thanks to DLNA support, you can send data wirelessly to TV or PC that support the relevant function. Of course, you can email images directly from the camera. It also gives you information on location where you took a picture. You can’t lie with a photo now. 

clip_image003I made my own ST1000(C65) with masking tape stripe.



You can download a software for the Samsung ST1000(CL65) to check photos. On the photos you took with GPS on can you see a mark, ‘map’. If you click ‘Map’ on the top, you can see an address and map as follows.06


08There are four types of items like ‘Map’, ‘Satellite’, ‘Overlap’ and ‘Topography’. It supports a large 3.5-inch touchscreen entirely around the back. The ST1000(CL65) has a slim and simple design with its cutting edge features. I’ll show you the strengths of the ST1000(CL65) later but please enjoy some sample photos I took.


ST1000(CL65) Sample photosclip_image012








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  1. Camcorder Reviews Says:

    Wow. This one is very nice.

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