ST550(TL225), dual LCD camera, hit the digital camera market!


Samsung Digital Imaging recorded that ‘Dual LCD camera (ST550 & ST500)’ has been sold 300,000 cameras in 8 weeks since the products came out in last August.

ST550(TL225) and ST500(TL220) are gaining popularity day by day since they launched around the world – in London, New York, Beijing, Bangkok, Seoul, and other major cities.

Their secret of popularity is from their new idea, ‘Mirror’. Dual LCD means that the camera has the screen not only on the back but also in front of the camera. Because many people are having trouble with taking self-portrait, this idea won attention to a lot of customers around the world.

The front LCD screen also has the function of animation so it can keep the focus of children. Furthermore, the screen shows the countdown numbers when people take group shot so people can know when they have to look at the camera and pose in front of it.

After America’s famous TV shows, ‘The View’ and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ introduced ST550(TL225) and ST500(TL220), public interest on both products seems like going up constantly for a long time. As a result, the camera market expects these products will lead the trend of digital camera.


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