[Part 8] Tommy & Tiky : Intelli-Studio


If it’s a perfect film, it’s impossible to not have sound.
Click ‘Insert Sound’ on your left menu, then click ‘Find File’ to select a sound file.011


Remind yourself that Intelli-studio only supports either ‘mp3’ or ‘wma’ sound files.
Then you can see the file that you selected. Click ‘Apply’.021


Selected file appears on sound track and goes into the ‘Timeline Mode’ automatically.031


Move mouse cursor on the end of the file to adjust length of the sound. Mouse cursor is going to change into the arrow figure. Click and drag the file to adjust the length. 041


You can control the place when you click and drag the middle part of the file.051


You can control the place when you click and drag the middle part of the file.03s04s


Ok. Now you’ve made plausible movie like this. Don’t forget to save it!
This is the ‘Save’ button.


You can select the saving form from those three methods.082


Let’s take a look from the top.


1. Save As General Movie Format
You can save as ‘mp4’, ‘wmv’, or the format for iPod so you can also watch from general PC.
When the window pops up, select ‘File Type’, ‘Resolution’, and ‘Quality’ and click ‘Convert’. Then you are done with producing movie. (If you want resolution of HD level, select 1920X1080 or 1280X720.)09


2. Save As Camcorder Format
This is the saving method that you can watch this movie in other Samsung camcorders too.
Choose the camcorder type that you want and click ‘Convert’. 10


3. Save As Project File
‘Project File’ means the file that still has some process to do. If you have the movie that you want to edit it later, save as this format then you can edit it again whenever you want.
Select folder that you want to save, and it’s done.

Wow. I feel like now I can make interesting movies easily with Intelli-studio.
Well, it’s done now for movie but this is not the end.05s


Next time, we’ll find out how to edit photo files.






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