KES 2009

Samsung Electronics brought a focus on their booth by ‘Digital Garden’ concept in KES 2009. They arranged 1,353㎡ exhibition booth with high digital renovated products and variety events.

Especially the sculpture, composed with environmental-friendly LED TV, overwhelmed audience from the entrance of exhibition. Samsung Digital Imaging booth prepared small subjects for photography so audience can experience cameras by themselves and it gave good impression.

In this exhibition, Samsung made a focus mainly on HMX-U10 for camcorder, ST550(TL225) & ST500(TL220), ST1000(CL65), and WB5000(HZ25W) for digital cameras. HMX-U10 is the new conceptual, micromini, full HD P&S camcorder which made for major in compact and convenient by applying tetragonal design like a cell phone.

‘Dual LCD camera’, ST550(TL225) & ST500(TL220) have been sold 300,000 in 8 weeks after they showed up.
People also gave attention on ST1000(CL65) which contains GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth functions and WB5000, the new high-end digital camera of full manual mode with 26mm wide angle 24x optical zoom.


About KES 2009
Since our first show at Deok-su Palace in 1969, KES has played a primary role in the growth of Korean Electronic industry.
KES has always been walking along with the 50 years history of the Korean electronic industry and the most important threshold to the international markets.


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