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So what am I going to write about? According to the instructions, I’m supposed to write something about the Samsung ST1000, although, and to be honest, I have no clue to start. To be precise, I don’t even have a clue, how to use a camera properly.

Meaning, any question’s, which possibly might buzz through the your brain after reading my article, don’t expect an expert-like answer.

Whatsoever, let’s get the party started.

What is the Samsung ST1000?
A digital camera

Why those numbers, next to the ST?
I have no idea. And even if I’m not sure, so you’d better contact Samsung.

This camera is not really cheap, and it does not even look special. So what’s so special?
According to the manual, and those beautiful advertisements, the Samsung ST1000 features Wi-Fi(YES!), GPS(WTH?) and Geo-Tagging(???).

So what are those letters standing for?

Wi-Fi, a.k.a. Wireless-Lan, is a pretty fine technology, which allows you access the internet, without a cable. In fact, you can access the internet even from your toilette, as long as you’re connected to a wireless network.

GPS, a.k.a Geographic Positioning System, sound’s complicated? It isn’t. I’m not sure, how this practically works, but this GPS can pinpoint your estimated location via services such as Google Maps or whatever.
It’s also used in your daddy’s car. To be precise, it’s the girl, which is permanently informing your daddy that he’s heading the the wrong direction!

And least but not least, Geo-Tagging: Geo-Tagging allows you to tags your pictures with invisible X/Y coordination’s. In the good ol’ days, we had to mark and sort all our holiday pictures by location date, good guy, bad guy etc. manually, but nowadays, it’s Geo-Tagging, who’s doing this job instead of you. It actually communicates with a satellite and synchronies positions, while you take the pictures.

‘Nuff said! Let’s get back to the practical things.
So how can you actually USE these functions?

To begin with, a hotspot or any network to access the internet might be helpful, unless you want to use only the “Geo-Tagging” function. Whatsoever, without an internet connection, you won’t be able to upload any pictures to the web.

So let’s move to a great place, with internet. However, if you don’t care about uploading your pictures on-road, and if you only want to “geo-tag” them, you’re free to skip these parts.

Anyways, let’s start with our beloved “Geo-Tagging” function.

First, let’s “GPS”-ize the ST1000: Therefore we have to move to the main-screen, and activate GPS. Easy as that! But let me tell you, if you’re inside a building the possibility that you’re pictures will be “geo-tagged” is zero.

02 Kopie
Thus meaning, we have to move our tushes outside.

Furthermore, GPS won’t work on the fly, meaning it may take up to half an hour. In the meantime, you may do some settings on your cameras or look for good themes.

As said, don’t ask me how to shoot outstanding photos, since that’s something I even haven’t figured out yet, myself.

So far, so good, so may the force be with you and hopefully your results will be better than mine!

Done, wanna call it a day? Sounds fine me to but I guess you are dead-curios if you “geo-tagged” your images correctly.

And as someone famous person, I guess, used to say: Nothing goes over testing.

03 Kopie

Connect the Samsung ST1000 to your PC, and Intelli Studio should pop-up!
Now select a photo, and if everything should work according to your plan, and my master tutorial, Intelli Studio should point your photos to specific locations.

Before I jump to the next topic, some important points you should not miss:


4) What’s the difference between GPS and Geo-Tagging. GPS is like the salt in soup, like samba dancers in Brazil, it is a required function, if you geo-tag your photos. GPS, in fact, examines your position, and the “technology”, which appoints the coordination’s to your photos, is called “Geo-Tagging”.

Anyhow, if you think you rank among those users, who need maximum mobility, and you think “uploading pictures on road” is your biggest passion, Wi-Fi is what you’ll need but that’s an issue for my next post.

So let’s wrap it up:

– You don’t need an internet connection, to geo-tag yourg pictures!

– GPS, and Geo-Tagging, won’t work right away! Good things need time.

– All you need to do to enable GPS is: Go to menu, press GPS and enable it. Wait a while, and start taking your pictures!

That’s it, as of today. Man, my fingers hurt! For any questions, feedback leave me a comment but please do NOT ask me how to take good pictures or similar.

I’m the worst photographer, you can imagine. Anyways, I thank SamsungImaging for providing me with the ST1000, and I’ll thank you, the readers, in advance, for your great feedback!


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