Samsung ST550(TL225) reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

In the past few weeks, we were happy that a lot of the reviewers around the globe were so positive towards our new flagship, the Samsung ST550(TL225).

Not only did the Samsung ST550(TL225) feature in “The View” on ABC TV, but it also received outstanding scores and awards from PCMag, USAToday or Popsci.

And we’re happy to announce that we’re able to add another terrific review to your database of the Samsung ST550(TL225).

None other than, the world’s famous Wall Street Journal, a daily news paper with a circulation of more than 2 million, and 931,000 paying online subscribers (as of 2007), published an awesome review of the Samsung ST550(TL225), in its All Things Digital section.

The article, which was posted on “The Mossberg Solution”, appears every Wednesday, and was founded by the only technology writer to receive the Loeb award in 1999.

Besides the basic functions, the reviewer was also full of praise towards the world’s first dual-sided LCD, which provided whole new ways to draw the attention of other people. Furthermore, the review also highlights one of the key-functions of the built-in front LCD: The children-mode, which is supposed to draw the attention of children by playing a cute video.

If you want to read, the full review click here.



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