The secret is the Haptic UI – ST550(TL225)


Oh ho! Tosiya got a chance to be a Vluu Grapher for Samsung ST550(TL225) digital camera.

By this opportunity, I could get hold of this cool digital camera full of wonders clip_image002

Shall we open box and take a look?clip_image003

It includes

The body, battery, power adapter and USB cable. And there is a leather wrist strap I forgot. I’ll show it next time.clip_image004

First, the front shot: simple but edgy red line! Very neat design! I like this so much.clip_image005


Oh my! How simple it is! The secret is the Haptic UI.

It is now the full touch generation for digital camera, too! Because of the full touch screen, the appearance could be so neat.

Touching tears clip_image006

On the top, there is power, shutter and zoom buttons.

It’s neat and simple here too. clip_image007

When you turn on the camera, cute blue light together with the lens…clip_image008

The size is like this!

Oh ho! It is actually shorter than my cell phone!clip_image009

Now, shall we start to take a picture?

The full size of LCD as easy as breezy!

All the menus are in easy places to use

(Of course, you can set them to be disappeared).

Although I could not get the true quality of the LCD through taking a picture of it, the quality seen on the LCD is very much clean and good.

Rather than me explaining it, I took the relevant explanation from the ST550(TL225) website.clip_image010

Comparison of taking a picture with other digital camera certainly shows the difference!clip_image011

Take a look.

This photo is taken by the ST550(TL225).clip_image012

It is clear.

In fact, it is difficult for me having no professional knowledge to analyze it but it looks surely different.

(12.20 M pixels)

Now the most excellent point of the ST550(TL225)!

Let me check the very dual LCD born for the best self shot.

You can simply knock the front.clip_image014

Dual LCD

It has another screen on the front only for self shot lovers.

You can take a picture actually looking at it. Tony and SonyAngel replaced me, not wearing make-up.clip_image015

Another feature for self shot.

The main photo of mine on the newly changed blog was also taken by the ST550(TL225). clip_image016

Is this dual LCD only for a self shot?

No way. There are other features, too.clip_image017

At the timer mode, it provides countdown so you don’t have to have a tic for seconds due to not knowing when it will be taken!

When you take a picture of a baby, you’ve got the children mode so you don’t have to dance behind the camera!

Animation on the front LCD makes a baby to look at the lens.

All the functions are operated by haptic UI, touch method so you can easily operate them on the wide screen. You can even feel vibration.clip_image019

At See photos, you can turn them by a gesture.clip_image020

You can make it turn and draw an X mark to delete.

When you magnified a photo, you can move it clip_image021

It can also detect movement so you can turn a photo by tilting like this.

When you press the movement recognition button, you can see this menu and then if you tilt to the direction shown on the screen, you can right away move to the concerned menu.

The mode getting a hand trembling in OIS and DIS methods will be a great feature for people who capture out of the body experience when taking a picture!

There are so many good features but it is not enough to introduce all of them here.

In spite of the writings above, I feel like I’ve missed something though.

This is the ST550(TL225) specifications.clip_image024

From now on I’ll be a Vluu Grapher of the ST550(TL225) till 6 weeks.

Please stop by to see many pictures taken by the ST550(TL225).


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