Opening the new world, Samsung Digital Imaging, ST1000(CL65)


People always want something from their products. From pixel competition in the digital camera market, all makers have produced products with high pixels that people couldn’t feel difference any more, and keep releasing new products to satisfy customers’ new needs. However, from now, no one can tell they satisfy customers, because of the ST1000(CL65) from Samsung Digital Imaging.


With the size of 99.8 X 60.8 X 18.9mm and fresh color, the ST1000(CL65) has most of the functions and technology people imagined. Especially, it has the most difficult network functions as a digital camera such as Bluetooth2.0, DLNA, GPS and WiFi.

“In the morning, on the way to work, I started the day with taking pictures in a new coffee shop, uploading it on Picasa, and telling it to friends. At a lunch time, I took pictures of co-workers with out-focusing and emailed the pictures of the meeting place. After work, I sent a picture of a restaurant to my friend, and saw the pictures of night scenery on a HDTV by connecting wireless DLNA.”

This story had been kind of a dream before the ST1000(CL65) was released. However, now it’s real.



The appearance of the ST1000(CL65) with 156g of weight is so great. Not only the appearance. Especially, the Schneider lens without protrusion makes the design better and supports optical 5x zoom with 35-175mm focus length, F3.6-4.8, and 12.2M pixels.

Next to the Samsung logo, internal antenna is included for various communications.


On the top of the product, an antenna for GPS, Status lamp, Zoom, Power, and Shutter buttons are located.


This picture is that someone is taking pictures with the ST1000(CL65). The 1.15M pixels 3.5” (8.9cm) wide full touch LCD shows the image as it is and supports various touch functions.

Especially, using GPS, the GPS option on the right side in a blur color displays ON, and it gives the information of your present location. The information covers up to precinct and famous cities in the world can be displayed.

Let’s upload pictures on Picasa displaying images with their location.


This is the screen of Picasa I uploaded a picture on with the GPS function. Because it also displays the location when taking a shot, the exact location which the picture was taken is displayed with coordinates. Therefore, you can share not only the pictures but also the locations with your friends, so you don’t need to have a question of the location any more.


The wireless networking capacity of the ST1000(CL65) is the top level, I think. Touching the icon on the right below, you can set various network options.




You can use User setting typing your email address and name, and through the AP (Access Point) setting, you can search and register instruments which support wireless communication, and by setting WPS which is one of the security standards of wireless communication, you can use it safely.

Through DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance) sharing contents by connecting to HDTV or Projectors, you can share up to 1000 images in original size or up to 2MB size.

You can post up images on a blog and leave a comment using a touch keyboard showing up when in user setting. However, when using it only with Mac address, some functions couldn’t find AP. Therefore, I recommend you use the wireless internet only in free AP regions.



Sharing images is also supported with the ST1000(CL65). Using Blutooth 2.0, you can transfer images to a cell phone or MP3 players, or through Wi-Fi and DLNA, you can easily share your images.


The ST1000(CL65) is a digital camera. Especially, like I explained before, by adopting the Schneider lens, it supports optical 5x zoom, 35mm-175mm, and F3.6-48 with 12.2M pixels. And convenient 16 shot modes can be enjoyed by touch.



Smart Auto Mode provides 16 modes based on the specifications. The camera sets the best and most optimized mode automatically, and takes a shot. Especially, specified scenery modes, Macro, and motion recognition mode are needed to be seen.



Therefore, you can set flash, guide line, and resolution on the Smart Auto mode. The ST1000(CL65) supports from 1024×767 to 4000×3000. Especially, since the LCD is 16:9 wide, if you set it to 3840×2160, you can take and watch it on the full screen with a HDTV.


Another mode is the Scene mode. While, the Smart Auto mode automatically sets everything, users set the right scene and the camera helps get the optimized mode with this Scene mode.



Especially, the Long Time option of the Night node helps you get much more beautiful images easily during the night, and you have to carry a tripod and pesticide in summer. If you don’t, you will let mosquitoes suck your blood.

In addition, Children, Beauty shot, and Frame Guide are the most frequently used scene modes.

The intuitive icons of the various scene modes of the ST1000(CL65) are convenient to select. When you swipe the space between icons, explanation for each scene is displayed, and this simple explanation helps you set and select things.



In Auto mode, when it comes to the Flash, the camera sets all settings to auto with focusing on the object except Red-eye, Normal Focus, Auto Macro Focus, AF, Face Recognition, Resolution, and Quality.

24 25

The Program mode was made for users to set every function manually. You don’t need to touch each menu icon, but touch the setting bar to set.

26 27 When it comes to the Flash and AF on the right side of the screen, when using the Program mode, you have more choices. For the Flash, a forced flash and synchro flash option have been added. When it comes to the Synchro flash displayed ‘S’, the intensity of the flash is strong enough to light both objects and background, and it means it consumes the battery much.

When it comes to the AF option, including Center and Multi, it supports One touch shot which automatically takes a shot focusing on the object touched if you keep touching the object in the region on the screen and Smart Touch AF which keep following the object you touched. This allows you to set more accurate and efficient focus.



Like I mentioned before, the ST1000(CL65) supports 8 resolutions and it also supports 4 shot options such as Continuous Shot, Motion capture taking 6 shots per sec with the size of 640×480 which can make GIF file, and AEB (Auto Exposure Bracket) taking 3 consecutive shots with different exposures.


Face Recognition functions supports 7 options such as Recognizing up to 10 faces on a screen, Blink Detection taking 2 consecutive shots to prevent blink, Smile shot, Self Guide, Smart Face Recognition up to 20 faces, My Star taking 5 shots from different angles up to 6 faces, Skin Completion, and Outfocusing.



Besides, the ST1000(CL65) supports Dual IS mode using both OIS and DIS to get clear images at night. It can also take HD 1280×720 videos with 30 fps using H.264(MPEG-4, AVC) format for up to 20 minutes.



These 2 pictures are the Motion Recognition screen by the Smart Gesture UI of the ST1000(CL65). This Motion Recognition moves to each mode by slightly tilting the camera (Up/Down: Video, Program, Side: Smart Auto in the shot mode or Bookmart, Protection and Multi slideshow in the Play mode).


If the photo was taken with the GPS function, the cross mark icon is added on the top of the picture. This means the image includes latitude and longitude, and by registering this on the upload sites I mentioned, you can share the locations with your friends.


I’m not always taking pictures with my family or lovers. Let’s delete some faces you don’t like with the Mosaic function.

This can be used for group pictures, so you can leave deleting it to the ST1000(CL65).

If you really want to delete it, just draw X on the screen. Then, it will ask you are sure to delete it. You can see previous or next picture by pulling it to the side. By drawing a half circle, you can rotate a picture. This is possible due to the Smart Gesture UI in the ST1000(CL65).


So far, a digital camera was a small island. It means it could only take, save, copy, edit, and upload pictures on web sites.

This was end when the ST1000(CL65) has been released. The ST1000(CL65) has more powerful functions such as GPS, WiFi, DLNS, and Bluetooth to communicate with the world. The ST1000(CL65) is a new innovative tool to open the new world.


1.8MB | 3840 X 2160 | 1/125s | F9 | ISO:80 | Normal |  70mm


1.7MB | 3840 X 2160 | 1/250s | F8.1 | ISO:80 | Normal |  35mm


3.4MB | 3840 X 2160 | Exposure : 3s / Shutter : 2s | F3.6 | ISO:80 | Night |  35mm


3.6MB | 3840 X 2160 | 1/180s | F3.6 | ISO:80 | Normal |  35mm


3.6MB | 3840 X 2160 | 1/180s | F8.1 | ISO:80 | Normal |  35mm


3.6MB | 3840 X 2160 | 1/180s | F8.1 | ISO:80 | Normal |  35mm



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