PCMag’s Editor Choose Samsung DualView ST550(TL225)


C Magazine
, also known as PCMAG, is one of the most popular monthly magazines in the U.S., and reviewed our latest flagship, the Samsung DualView ST550(TL225). The review does not only elucidate the functions, or the technologies of the ST550(TL225), but also the tests the new ST550(TL225)’s video/photo quality.

To provide you with small wrap-up of the review:

Along with the attention-grabbing front LCD, PCMAG emphasizes the quality of the main LCD, which is “With 1,152K dots and 800-by-480-pixel resolution[…]it’s the sharpest display you’ll find on any camera”.

Furthermore, PCMag also tests the video quality of the ST550(TL225). The ST550(TL225), which supports 720p high-definition video at 30 frames-per-seconds, also performs well in this field.

Overall, PCMAG is impressed by the sharp and responsive touch-screen LCD, innovative front LCD and its stellar shooing experience.

If you’re interested in reading the complete review, click here.
Besides, the review you also find a footage of the ST550(TL225).

Thank you.



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