Samsung receives the “Good Design Award 2009” for 4 devices!

We’re proud to announce that, the Japan Industrial Promotion Organization, also known as JIDPO, awarded four of our products with the world’s renown “Good Design Award 2009“, for outstanding product design.

The “Good Design Award 2009”, whose system is based on the belied that good design is essential to everyday life of the people. Further, shall it give people prosperous lives the eminent power of good designs.
Yearly, more than 1,000 companies submit their products, in order to receive this award. The winners are, then, selected by a pool of members from various industries, who’d been appointed by JIDPO.

Until this very day, this award is only given to products which are believed to bless and enrich society and people’s lives through its design.

And due to those reasons, we consider it an even greater privilege to announce that four of our products were given the honor to receive this award:

Samsung WB1000(TL320)
The WB1000(TL320) ranks among the finest digital cameras today, featuring a 24mm ultra wide angle, 5x optical zoom lens combines with full manual control for the ultimate digital imaging experience. Furthermore, the Samsung WB1000(TL320) is the world’s first camera to own a large 3.0” AMOLED LCD screen!

Samsung ST50(TL100)
The Samsung ST50(TL100) is an ultra-slim, stylish 12.2 megapixel-powered digital camera. Combined with a 3x optical zoom lens and large 2.7” LCD, the ST50(TL100) is the perfect companion

Samsung HMX-H106
Ever wanted to capture your special moments in the best quality? The Samsung HMX-H106 helps your to capture your special moments in full HD, and store them on a built-in 64 GB SSD memory. Additionally, the Samsung HMX-H106 uses a high performance Schneider lens and high quality 10x optical zoom.

Samsung R10/C10
Both camcorders stand out by using an active angle lens in ergonomic design, which provides the user with the maximum comfort. The HMX-R10 supports breathtaking full 1080p resolution for its shots, whereas the SMX-C10 also supports a satisfactory 720p resolution.

The official award show is going to take place in November, and we will keep you updated with the latest information’s!

For more information’s about the G-Mark, visit here.

We thank you for your never-ending support and interest in our products!


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