Finding Myself with the GPS, Samsung Digital Imaging ST1000(CL65)

High completion Convergence Compact digital camera


A new digital camera comes up like the expression Technology makes convergence, and the convergence makes the best. The ST1000(CL65) recently released from Samsung Digital Imaging is that. It has the GPS to display the location of users. This can transfer photos on the web through WiFi and to devices supporting Bluetooth. In addition, the ST1000(CL65) has a lot of more convenient functions. Let’s take a look at the new unique digital camera.

Combination of 3 colors

Generally, it has a no-glossy black body. When it’s off, the black LCD and the black body are consistent in design. The front part made of metal with hairline and coated has also practice. Between the black body and the front, there’s a unique color line, and it looks different due to the color on the front for the same model.

When holding the camera, it’s kind of heavy. It might be because of the metal on the front, but I think it’s because of the 156g of weight (Except battery and memory), and it’s caused by GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth modules. The size is 99.8×60.8×18.9mm.

GPS reminding of memories

If you have an experience to try to remember the place where you took the picture, the ST1000(CL65) is a good idea. The GPS receiver records the location automatically, so you don’t have to remember it. It’s so trustable because it has adopted WGS-84 system which has been adopted by most of the car navigations. You can match the picture GPS tag recorded with the map in the Intelli-Studio of the ST1000(CL65) or check the location on the web site like Picasa supporting Map searching service. However, in the area with a lot of buildings, the receiving rate of GPS is not that good. It’s the same as car navigations couldn’t get signals in the basement, but taking pictures is made in indoors or downtown, so it’s definitely weakness of the ST1000(CL65).

Using the built-in Intelli-Studio, you can check the location of pictures.

If uploading pictures on the web sites supporting GPS like Google, Picasa, etc., you can easily see the location.

A lot of people store photos in a computer. They just change the precious moment to digital signals made of 0 and 1 and forget. The ST1000(CL65) can prevent this situation.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0

The ST1000(CL65) has Wi-Fi in the body. If you can connect free AP (Access Point), you can upload pictures and videos on the web site. Of course, emailing is possible. You don’t need to worry about the money like the TV commercial worrying about the money of web-surfing. Besides, it also supports transfer between the ST1000(CL65)s, range of contents sharing, and the TV connection through DLNA. There’s some limitation to upload pictures using Wi-Fi. The size of pictures is limited to 2MB, and the video is 320×240 for up to 30 sec. Considering YouTube supporting 1280×720 HD resolution, it’s not satisfactory. And also 30 seconds are not enough to record a video. I hope the firmware will be updated later.

It supports Bluetooth 2.0. Unlike a cell phone, it’s not for connection of headsets. This will be useful to transfer pictures to cell phones or PDA. However, the size of pictures will change to 640×480.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the ST1000(CL65) is incomparable to USB. Through easy connection, you can share your pictures. That’s the point. We need to see the improvement of Samsung Digital Imaging as the world’s first Wi-Fi Bluetooth digital camera.
12.2M pixels CCD

This product has adopted 1/2.3” 12.2M pixels CCD. It’s comparably high as a compact digital camera. However, there are a lot of users who are unsatisfactory with high pixels, because of its low quality. Therefore, we need to see more.

The color of the ST1000(CL65) is so vivid like the ST10. It’s better when taking objects such as flowers and fruits. After taking shots, users can adjust RGB, so it’s easy to get colors users want. The size of CCD is 1/2.33”. Compared to the ST10, the area getting light per pixel becomes wider, so it causes less noise and better gradation.


Schneider-Krauznach Inner zoom lens

If you want to take a picture right away after taking out the camera, the inner zoom is imperative. It takes 80 sec to take a shot after pushing the power button. It’s immediate response. And 5x zoom can be used.


It has 35mm FOV. Considering the inner zoom lens, it’s not bad. And it’s better than the ST10. It has adopted the Schneider-Krauznach lens which has been 3 times awarded by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, so the quality is more vivid and clear.

Dual IS

The ST1000(CL65) supports Optical and Digital IS function. When it comes to the ST10(CL50) only had digital IS, there were a lot of pictures with hand blur, even though it had great color feel. However, now it also has the Optical IS function, so even beginners can get vivid pictures.

3.5” 1.15M pixels Full Touch LCD

The high resolution CCD needs a high resolution LCD. However, most of the makers don’t as much care of the upgrade of the LCD as the CCD. The ST1000(CL65) supports the best 1.15M pixels LCD. I think there will be a competition for high resolution LCDs. You can also play photos taken with 16:9 ratio without distortions. It supports Haptic function and capacitive full touch, so you can feel and control it with your fingertips.

4 Face Recognition modes for Self shot

Recently, the function recognizing faces is more widely used in a compact digital camera. It’s because of the tendency of shots focusing on self shots and portrait shots. The ST1000(CL65) is also following the trend.

The basic face recognition functions works well. It can recognize up to 10 faces and if they move, it keeps following the faces and sets the focus. Setting the Self Guide, when the focus and exposure are set on your face, it makes beep sounds, even though you can’t see the LCD. Besides, it has Smile shot taking a shot if smile is recognized, Blink detection taking 2 consecutive shots if blink is detected, and My Star recognizing registered faces and setting a focus in a group picture. This function is very good, so it’s fun to use the ST1000(CL65).
Taking HD movies and watching with HDMI

Thanks to the high pixel CCD, it can record HD quality videos with 1280×720 resolution for up to 20 minutes. Most of the compact digital cameras have the same problem, but I wish it had longer recording time. It doesn’t compress videos and voices, so connecting with HDMI, you can enjoy HD quality video and pictures.

Smart Gesture UI and Motion Recognition

The purpose of compact digital cameras is to let beginners take pictures easily. However, after mobile phones supporting shots, compact digital cameras become bothering products. To get over it, the ST1000(CL65) supports innovative convenient functions.


Untitled-1 copy

Most of all, file management is easy with fingertips. By drawing X, you can delete a photo, and by drawing a half circle, the picture is rotated. This is the advantage of the full touch LCD, so once getting used, it’s more convenient than buttons. While holding the body and tilting the body to the direction on the LCD, you can change Shot modes to Smart Auto, Video, and Program. Motion Recognition function is also good, but Smart Gesture UI is more useful, I think.


Smart Auto

The reason compact cameras are called compact is that people think good photos will be taken by pushing the shutter. For this skill, this supports Smart Auto. Now it can recognize 16 scene modes for 11 modes. Sunset, Blue Sky, Natural Green, Color Macro, and Macro Portrait have been added. However, sometimes it couldn’t recognize the situation, so it’s not perfect. At this time, you need to select the Scene mode.

Smart Touch AF

Together with Smart Gesture and Smart Auto, it can be called Smart Trinity. Selecting the Smart Touch AF, by touching objects on the LCD, you can set temporary focuses. Touching once, it selects focus and holding for more than 2 sec, it takes a shot without the shutter. It’s fun, but not much used for real shots.

Other functions

After taking shots, by using the edit function, you can apply various styles such as Soft, Vivid, and Retro. By adjusting RGB, more minuscule adjustment is possible. Outfocusing taking out flaws on a face and vivid portrait and obscure background is also possible.



What is real convergence? Everyday new convergent products have been being released, but they are rarely worth buying. This makes users suspicious of convergent products, and company and customers needed to consider the real value. In this situation, Samsung Digital Imaging have released the new convergence ST1000(CL65). Through built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, it’s not just a tool for taking pictures. This also has fun to share contents with friends, co-workers, and netizens. And it has great basic performance and convenient functions for balance. The concept and functions of the ST1000(CL65) are great. All they need is to wait for customers’ selection.


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