Farmer’s market smells like people

Hi! This is Sarah, living in Casablanca, Morocco.

First of all, nice to meet you!

For the next three months, I will be delivering fresh news from Morocco.Untitled-1

There is a small village called Mediouna at the suburbs of Casablanca.

The village holds a local market once every week.

A festive mood sweeps the whole village from the early hours of the day the market is held.

The children run around in excitement and the merchants shout to grab people’s attention.

These vibrant markets make you scream of excitement, making you feel “Ah! I am alive!”


ST1000(CL65) l 1/180s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm l Program Auto

Spice used in food all boasting of their beautiful colour.

The natural vegetable spice from Morocco comes as fresh and fascinating to today’s people used to synthetic seasoning.

Trying to imagine which power will go into what food to make what kind of taste…
I feel… hungry.


ST1000(CL65) l 1/125s l F8.1 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm l Program Auto

The watermelon waiting quietly for their turn remind of the bright hot summer sun.

Big as a dinosaur egg and long shaped, the watermelon weighs as much as a kid.

A watermelon of over 20kg is enough to leave the whole family feeling wealthy and happy.


ST1000(CL65) l 1/350s l F3.6 l ISO 80 l 6.3mm l Program Auto

The merchant adroitly uses a small knife to cut the huge pumpkin and displays it on the shelf.

At first sight, I was a bit worried if he could cut up the gigantic pumpkin with such a small knife, but he cut it into eight pieces in no time.

Going grocery shopping with me, my mom suggested that we buy one – something must have inspired her.

“Oooooh.. a pumpkin soup sounds delicious!!!”



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