Bogota Attractions

Bogota, the capital of Colombia has many points of interest and is one of the most attractive cities in Latin America.

Colombia was famous only for its drug dealers and guerrilla groups. However, now, everything is changed. The reality is that in the last decade, the safety in Colombia has improved dramatically.

Under political stability, a travel renaissance came to this beautiful country. Every year, the number of tourists who visit Colombia has been rising steeply. Bogota, the capital of Colombia, it’s an amazing city and the citizens are very hospitable. Bogota overcomes it’s bad reputation in the history, and has been replaced as one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Latin America.

Hence, I want to share the attractions of Bogota and the culture of Latin America with you.

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1) Mt. Moserrate : A landmark of Bogota. You can enjoy cityscape and night view on the top of Mt. Moserrate.

2) Old city of La Candelaria & Bolivar Square : The beautiful colonial old town, “La Candelaria” in Central Bogota


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3) Simon Bolivar Park & Jardin Botanico (Botanical Gardens)

4) Colombian Coffee : The best coffee in the world? You can find the answer in Colombia! From big chains such as Juan Valdez to nameless locals, so many coffee shops can make you refreshed and comfortable.

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5) Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira & Lake of Guatavita where the El Dorado originated.

6) Salsa Dance : “Bounce with me!” Passion of Latin America

7) Colombian Street Food


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8) Standard Spanish : People know that Colombian Spanish is the best as it has neutral intonation and accent, and not spoken too fast. So a lot of tourists are learning Spanish before the travel begins to Latin America.

9) Museums : “Chubby Mona Lisa” in Botero Museum & Gold Museum (Museo del Oro)

10) Zona Rosa : La Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) in Bogota is surrounded by great restaurants, bars and discotheques. Many shops in the area offer all kinds of decorative items, antiques and clothing brands.

11) Colombian Rum and Aguardiente (Sugar Cane Liquor)

12) Almuerzo : Typical Lunch set of Colombia from 2USD

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13) Ciclovia : No Cars, Just Bicycles! Car-free streets through Cr.7 on every Sunday & Holiday

14) Flea Market on weekends

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15) Colombian people : Everyday Smile! Everyone can be friends.

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