Samsung ST550(TL225)- the world’s first compact camera with front and rear LCDs



The newly launched Samsung Camera ST550(TL225)

Nowadays there are few cameras for self shot, so I wanted to buy one but failed.
[I even tried to buy former an old camera!]

Samsung launched a very nice camera. If you tap the front area, you can see a LCD like a magic and take a self shot. I love this camera having a big LCD on the back, neat design and all touch type.

I became a VLUU Grapher this Samsung camera. Good opportunity and very nice camera. I feel good!




Samsung has released the ST550(TL225), the world’s first compact camera with front and rear LCDs. Approximately 1.15 M pixels wide full touch screen panel is located on the back of the ST550(TL225). Both feature 1.5 inch 61k dot front LCDs.

When the power of the camera is on and you tap the front LCD, it turns on and automatically goes into ‘Self-Portrait mode’ and ‘Smile mode’: A self shot can be taken without pushing the shutter button. You can utilize different features like ‘Children mode’ -the front LCD plays a simple animation to capture a child’s attention; ‘Shutter Info’ – when the shutter button is pushed halfway, it displays a ‘smiley face’ thus allowing you to know the timing of taking a picture; ‘Self-Timer’ – when taking a group photo, it will show a visual countdown timer so that everyone knows exactly when the photo will be snapped.

In addition to the full touch screen, Smart Gesture UI with built-in orientation sensor lets you quickly and easily operates the camera only with a hand gesture. For example, it changes its mode to ‘Smart Auto’, ‘Movie Recording’ or ‘Recording mode’ by tilting the camera and you can delete photos by making a cross(X) on the LED screen using your finger. If you draw a line to the right or left direction or tilt the camera, you can see the next image. It has these easy and fun features. Also, if you touch the LCD, you can feel a slight vibration, which means ‘Haptic’ technology.

It is so easy to take a self shot.


At dawn, I fed Rinha and couldn’t sleep so played with the camera


This is a self shot taken at an Outback restaurant!


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