Samsung Camera Squad awaits you!


Do you remember our ‘TapAndTake’ teaser? Well, for those, who don’t here is a small recap:

In August, we launched the micro-site, in order to promote the launch of our newest flagship: the Samsung ST550(TL225).
Today, we’re happy to present you the complete micro-site, featuring our very “camera squad”. The, so-called, ‘Samsung Camera Squad’, passed through Europe’s most notable cities, including Rome, Moscow, Paris and London, to promote the unique features of the Samsung ST550(TL225):

“The Perfect Self-Portrait”

“Synchronized Action with Visual Timer”

“Child’s Big Smile”

However, until this very day, all clips and videos couldn’t be access by the public. So if you’re eager to watch the results, check out our new “TapAndTake” micro site.


Besides, the clips, you will also find information’s about the Samsung ST550(TL225), a gallery of the ‘user-uploaded’ images, a download section, including wallpapers and screensaver and last but not least, you will be able to vote for your favorite “TapAndTake” moments.

Anyhow, before we tell you too much, just check out the new site.
Also don’t forget to the ‘TapAndTake’-Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you!


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