Are all cameras the same and photoshop makes all the difference?

Samsung has released the world’s first dual LCD digital camera ST550(TL225).

I got a great opportunity to be a Vluu Grapher.

There are four colors: the body is black and only the stripe is of different color.


It has a slip appearance.

As the body is black, I loved the simple appearance as soon as I saw it.

The screen is very large that I feel great when I check a shot after having taken it.

It is all of touch screen. Only your finger is required.

Even turning photos can be done only by clicking the screen.

It will be easy for you think of it same as the haptic phone or other touch phones.


You can embrace it by one hand and it is light so it is good to carry it in a handbag!



As you can see, it says 4.6 x zoom and 12.20 M pixels.

The photo taken by this camera is extremely clear.

I couldn’t believe that a digital camera could bring such a high definition.


Above all, the biggest merit of this digital camera may be its dual LCD.

Because of its two screens on the front and back, you can take a self shot actually seeing it.

When I took a solo trip and a self shot, no one would recognize that it was in a foreign country or Korea because only me was in a photo without the background.

This digital camera allows me to take a self shot including the background! clip_image008

You have a lot of different modes to take a picture: This is the children mode.

A clown shows up and dances. You can use this mode to make a crying baby to focus on it and even to show a big bright smile.

You can update this clown with other different images.

I couldn’t learn so many features but I would like to show you some taken by a basic feature.


This is a smart mode shot without setting any features.

It shows even some invisible parts by its wide-angle lens.

It took the back head of a person who was passing in front of me: I then knew and surprised by the wide-angle lens.

It shows long and large horizontally. I adjusted only the brightness to 10 by photoshop and didn’t change anything.

(I wanted to delete some lower jaw though. It certainly is plentiful)

For a portrait of a person, it has a beauty mode that automatically enhances the image. If you set it as a smart mode, the camera converts to the beauty at its discretion before taking a picture: the photo looks like you have already done some make-up by photoshop.

However it does not cut some jaw and raise some nose and enlarge eyes.

Having seen this photo, I have made a decision to really get some teeth treatment. I’ll certainly do it next year. My mouth is protruded.




This is a bunch of ants working hard.

I always find some ants ending up fighting. Today, I found fighting ants again. Please stop fighting!

The photo is so clear that it shows even the eyes of the ants endlessly moving to work hard.

Amazing! I really like ants working hard!

To make a long story short about the ST550(TL225),

This camera gave a pleasant shock to me who had thought that all cameras are the same and photoshop makes all the difference.

I will not be able to explain about a camera using professional words but please see me as a novice trying to write previews of new cameras.

In fact, camera reviews say shutter speed or filter something.

For me, I have no idea what they talking about. Is it only me?

I’ll simply say that this is good and this is bad.

I’ll explain all the features with time with taking a picture.


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